Victoria Telfer-Smith BSc (Hons). Counselling & Hypnobirthing
in Loughborough, near Leicester

Is being a mother not the way you wanted it to be? Has it been hard and then harder still, so much so, that you feel you cannot do it? Have you had a diagnosis from a professional of Post Natal Depression.

I can help with any difficulties or depression you face after giving birth, whether it is your first child or your third! Do not face this situation on your own. Post Natal Depression can effect anyone, it can affect you after your first child is born or after your third, even if you showed no sign of Post Natal Depression with your other two.

After giving birth popular media lets us believe that we will have "baby blues" and then everything will settle down and things will slot into place. Baby blues refers to the hormone balance going back to their normal pre-birth and pre-pregnancy state, Post Natal Depression is a very different illness to face.

For some new mothers it can be an ordeal, night and day. No matter how you are feeling your baby will require you, so the up hill struggle will go on and the light at the end of the tunnel can seem farther away.

You can get peace from your suffering. You can bring your baby to these sessions as long as they are in a car seat or carry cot.

I will take referrals from a third party in these cases.

Post Natal Depression can affect anyone, it does not matter about financial status or education, if it happens it happens.

Post Natal Depression can feel like a prison, you have thoughts that are uncontrollable and uncomfortable, telling any one can feel like the worst shame and guilt ever.

Post Natal Depression can feel like on one understands you at all, isolation becomes part of every day life, you and your baby have not bonded and admitting that feels like a strain that could break you.

PSTD and Parenthood

Being a new parent can be hard, but it can also trigger ptsd, especially if you have suffered csa. Even if this is not the case, all the changes, hormones, pressures, new identity can bring on the onset of ptsd.
We can then start to feel shame that we are not good enough parents, can't do the job of raising our own kids. Even a simple task such as shopping in the supermarket can be fraught with difficulties that can mean we cannot do it at all, adding to the sense of failure we feel. It can also be impossible for us to go to the Doctors to get help, and if we are breastfeeding we may not want drugs because we feel they would harm the baby, yet more shame to add to the already overwhelming feelings we have.
Therapy can help by allowing you to talk without being judged, which can help to make sense of all the feelings and reactions.

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